Outdoor Sports Complex with Swings

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Sports complex with swings. Located on a 50 m2 site. 

  • It consists of 3 modules. A tower with a plastic slide and ramp. 
  • Sports module: climbing wall with support, chain link mesh, Swedish wall, stainless steel pole, monkey bar, pull up bar, rope ladder and gymnastic rings.
  • A swing bar with ”A” support is 3.5 m wide, which makes it possible to attach several swings, a rope, a rope ladder, gymnastic rings all at the same time.
  • We use high quality glued laminated pine timber. (Pressure parts are made of 100mm-100 mm bars.)
  • Fencing, etc. are made of boards 40 mm wid.
  • The Swedish wall is made of birch.
  • All wooden surfaces are treated and saturated in three stages with water-based solutions and using preservatives to protect against adverse environmental effects, i.e. one layer of liquid base and two layers of paint.
  • Metal parts are covered with zinc and powdered paint. Bolts are protected by plastic caps.
  • In order to secure the laminated timber into the ground it has an extended metal beams placed 60 cm deep into the ground and then covered with concrete.


380,00  (Including tax)
82,00  (Including tax)
72,00  (Including tax)
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