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Gym rope  is one of the very best ways to develop awesome upper-body power.

  • The rope made of quality nylon and natural linen rope, eco-friendly, wear resistant,  durable.
  • Rope length - 220 cm
  • Diameter - 36 mm
  • The rope is attached to a metal pipe, equipped with snap hook .
  • Weight  4 kg
  • Max. user weight  200 kg
  • Gross weight  kg
  • Ready to ship in 1-3 days
  • Used to train your arms or climbing, multiused for outdoor, indoor sports
  • Widely used for climbing, gym, training, exercise, boxing, fitness, hiking, rescue,etc.
  • Can effectively exercise your arms, waist and abdomen power.
  • For hung up in the child's room this is a perfect toy to train the balance, skill and power!


380,00  (Including tax)
82,00  (Including tax)
72,00  (Including tax)
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