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There are many occasions when it is not possible to fix ballet barre brackets onto a wall - perhaps in front of mirrors or where a wall is not suitable to accept fixings. Floor mounted barres are the optimal solution when wall mounting is not an option, such as in front of a mirrored wall or windows

  • Barres are Natural Ash, Oak, Birch wood 4,2 cm diameter
  • Sanded smooth – ideal for hands of all sizes
  • Length: 100 cm
  • But you can order the length you need!
  • 2 steel holdres - hight 110 cm
  • Open saddle bracket style
  • Base plate square.
  • Brackets are made from heavy gauge steel and feature a textured powdercoat finish.
  • Choice of wall stanchions color from http://www.ralcolor.com/
  • Barres supports  45 kg per linear foot of static weight when properly installed.
  • Floor Mount Ballet Barres include barre,two stanchions,all required mounting hardware, and easy to follow instruction sheets
  • Packing size  154 x 15x 10 cm
  • Gross weight 7 kg
  • Ready to ship 7-10 business days 


It gives you core strength, slender shape, beautiful posture, toned legs, healthy joints, graceful walk, high self-esteem.



340,00  (Including tax)
80,00  (Including tax)
70,00  (Including tax)
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