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Designed to be used with your Wall Bar for greater utilization and abdominal strength training.

  • Incline board padded 150 x 25 cm, to hook in wall bars.
  • Other dimensions on request.
  • High quality 24 mm plywood  
  • Foam and synthetic leather cover.
  • Padded with 4 cm
  • To hook in Wall Bars.
  • Use on lower rungs for beginners and upper rungs for advanced workouts.
  • The abdominal bench doesn't take up much space, as it can be folded on the wall bars.
  • Weight 9 kg.
  • Will support up to 130 kg
  • Packing size  154 x 28x 10 cm
  • Gross weight 10 kg
  • Ready to ship 3-7 business days 


In the abdominal position , back position or lateral position for abdominal strength training. Many exercises are possible with this simple devi

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