Physiologically speaking, women have less upper-body strength than men and it takes the right exercises for most women to achieve a strong, muscular frame.

One good way to start is by doing pull-up bar exercises. 

Here are some of the easiest routines women can do with a pull-up bar.

Bar Hang

The bar hang is one of the easiest routines you can do with a pull-up bar. It’s a perfect exercise for those who are just still starting out. At the beginning, it can be a tough one to perform, but starting out slowly can surely help.

 The trick is to tense your entire body and avoid swinging. You can try squeezing the bar as you’re hanging or teach your muscles to do a reverse shrug. This way, you’ll be able to learn how to use the big muscles on your back to perform a full pull up eventually.

Flex-Arm Hang

Once you feel comfortable hanging on a bar, you can progress to a flex-arm hang. This routine involves getting your chin as close to the bar as you can with your arms flexed. It works out your shoulders, biceps and back muscles.

Slow Negatives

For this routine, you need to begin in a flex hang position, with a box underneath your feet for support, if required. Jumping up from the box for momentum, perform a pull-up with your chin over the bar. Then, tense your whole body and gradually lower yourself without using any momentum. Try to hold your negatives to around 10 seconds. If you can do more than that, the better. You can perform it twice a week, making sure you do it longer than the last one.

The Pull-Up

Once you have gathered enough strength, use the techniques you learned  Pull yourself up slowly until your chin reaches beyond the bar. Keep your shoulders tight as you are doing the pull-up.

You can’t expect to do several repetitions on your first try. Before attempting to do another pull-up, make sure that you rest for one or two minutes.