In 2005, Lee Sargo, an American choreographer and fitness expert, invented body ballet. She combined Ballet choreography with yoga and pilates. Today it is a very popular trend in the fitness industry.

Why is it useful? What does body ballet do? It gives you core strength, slender shape, beautiful posture, toned legs, healthy joints, graceful walk, high self-esteem.



Where can you practice it? You can go to fitness club. The coach will correct you if you do something wrong, creating a personal program for you. You can also do it at home. Find a body-ballet programme online, buy the ballet barre and enjoy! If you practice at home you can do it at your own pace, at a convenient time and for your own satisfaction.

You can buy a ballet barre from us. If you want to put it by a window or a mirror, the best way is to have it fixed to the floor.?

If the wall is made of plasterboard, choose a bar that can be fixed to the floor and the wall. If you have a brick or concrete wall, you need a barre that fastens only to the wall.


The barres can have one or two handrails. The lower handrail is made for children, usually it is fixed 75 cm from the floor. The top one is for adults, 110 cm from the floor. These are all stationary barres. If there is no suitable wall, you can use a portable barre with adjustable height and handrails made of wood or metal. Fitness clubs often use portable bars, especially when there are many participants, and not enough space available at the wall. Moreover, they can be moved to the side to create room for other activities.