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Easily mounts to any wall& floor.

If you are considering mounting along a mirrored wall, it is best to install the barres first and then install the mirrors. If you install the mirrors first, you may have to cut into the mirror to install the barres.

If you have existing mirrors or long windows, you may want to consider our Floor Mount Ballet Barres

  • Barres are Natural Ash, Oak, Birch wood 4,2 cm diameter
  • Sanded smooth – ideal for hands of all sizes
  • Length: 100 cm
  • But you can order the length you need!
  • Height from floor to upper barre 110 cm
  • Height from floor to top of lower barre 75 cm
  • 2 steel holdres - 20 cm distance from wall
  • Brackets are made from heavy gauge steel and feature a textured matte black powdercoat finish.
  • Choice of wall stanchions color: black (standard) or from http://www.ralcolor.com/
  • Open saddle bracket style.
  • Wall&Floor Mount Ballet Barres include barre,two stanchions,all required mounting hardware, and easy to follow instruction sheets
  • Packing size  154 x 15x 10 cm
  • Gross weight 5 kg
  • Ready to ship 7-10 business days 


It gives you core strength, slender shape, beautiful posture, toned legs, healthy joints, graceful walk, high self-esteem.


340,00  (Including tax)
80,00  (Including tax)
70,00  (Including tax)
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